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I’m a woman. I can be inquisitive (ahem…nosey). I often look at websites or blogs and just want to know who the person is, what is their experience level and just what is their story – behind all the layers of salesmanship and business. Wedding Planning and Event Management are very specific fields of work where it is VERY important to get along with your vendors. Planning on working together can be one of the greatest experiences of your life or a literal nightmare. I hope I would offer the former only and not the latter, but nevertheless it becomes almost like a relationship so it is important to know who you are getting involved with. Here is the very brief synopsis of how Weddings Taylor Made came to be!

Many moons ago, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist University. Upon graduating, I returned home to New Orleans and I was pretty positive I wanted to somehow get involved in the wedding world. I started sending my resume out and inquiring about available jobs. Within a very short time, a Catering Sales Assistant position became available at a beautiful, historic hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I fell in love with the property and my job almost instantly. I was a newbie and very young but began to learn the ropes of planning events very quickly. In just 3 short months, I had a management offer from another company and with what was offered I decided I would be a fool not to step out to the unknown. I became a Catering Sales Manager, primarily handling the social market for a venue in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Within just two years, the company was bought out and my job went from selling one property to – two, three, four, five…..honestly I don’t even know how many venues it totaled by the end but clearly my job description had grown and developed beyond what I had dreamed possible. I genuinely loved this job. It lasted 8 wonderful years and I worked with a great team of people. After becoming pregnant with my second child, change was in the air – both for my family and my career. I had ALWAYS dreamed of owning my own business and the timing just finally began to feel right.

I am forever grateful for those years and that job, as it was the perfect platform to bring me into independent wedding & event planning.

So here we are…..Weddings Taylor Made is really a boutique company offering planning, event management, styling and pretty much anything else you might need for your big day. I even love planning showers, engagement parties, kid’s birthday parties (okay maybe that’s crazy talk)! I value honesty, integrity, kindness and even hugs. I want your event and our working relationship to have a personal touch that maybe a big corporation doesn’t offer. Besides coordinating – we run back to hotel rooms to fetch a bride’s flip flops – we take off our earrings and put them on the mother of the bride that forgot hers at home – we distract the bride before she walks down the aisle from nervous jitters….this is our brand. Myself, and anyone on my team is this type of person through and through. Going the extra mile is our joy!

We would love to hear from YOU! If you are interested in event planning, drop us an e-mail and tell us about yourself and honey-to-be. Maybe we can get real personal and meet for coffee – I would love that!

XOXO – Taylor


PS…Here is that growing family I was talking about. My greatest treasures. A BIG THANK YOU to the talented and amazing Amanda Ratcliff for these photos and precious memories (she happens to also be a fabulous wedding photographer and an incredible friend). Thank you Amanda!